For many folk, owning their own land is either not practical or affordable. Perhaps they own their own land but their busy lifestyle precludes them from taking an active interest in their own animals.

Agistment therefore is a way in which these people can enjoy the benefits of ownership without the hassles of day to day management of their alpacas. The animals are entrusted to an alpaca farmer who provides daily supervision and care of the animals.

Benefits of Agistment:

  • Alpacas are herd animals – your one or two animals will be happier in a group environment
  • Well fenced pastures, good water supply and natural shade
  • A safe and secure environment away from predators
  • Daily observation will highlight any health problems that may arise
  • Shearing, birthing and innoculations are all taken care of by the farmer
  • On-site mating available to certified stud males
  • The owner is free to visit and inspect his/her animals at any time
  • The farmer will also assist in selling animals on a commission basis

Quite simply agistment is a great way for city folk to own their animals either as pets or as an investment without the hassles.

At 'Silverstream Alpacas' we can offer the following:

  • A safe and secure property that is only 20 minutes from Christchurch airport
  • Good lush pasture that does not dry off in summer – excellent moisture retention
  • Excellent water supply – irrigation and river boundary
  • Excellent shelter belts and shading
  • Mixed broadleaf and ryegrass pasture that is uncontaminated from other animals
  • Daily inspection of the animals
  • A vet who is available on call and lives nearby
  • Other services as required

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