The Unique Features Of Alpaca Fibre

There are two types of alpaca:
Huacaya: produces a dense, soft, crimpy sheep-like fleece.
Suri: produces silky pencil-like locks, resembling dreadlocks but without matted fibres.
The suri is thought to be rarer, most likely because the breed was reserved for royalty during Incan times.

Some of the qualities that make alpaca fibre so valuable:

  • Alpaca fibre is generally fine but with some guard hair
  • It has less prickle factor than most other fibred animals
  • Is compatible with either the woollen or worsted manufacturing systems
  • Has excellent thermal and water resistant qualities
  • Has a rich silky sheen which has high visual appeal in the apparel Industry
  • It is 20% warmer than the same weight of Merino wool
  • Is 4 times more abrasion resistant than Merino wool
  • Is stronger than wool and does not pill in the better quality animals
  • Alpaca fibre is three times the tensile strength of wool
  • It can be spun, woven, knitted and felted
  • Contains no grease, oil or lanolin and does not smell
  • Is bulky but will spring back when squashed
  • Does not retain water and can resist solar radiation
  • Does not shrink when washed
  • Comes in 22 different colours
  • Is lightweight and incredibly soft
  • Is rare Ð supply cannot keep up with demand for fine quality fleece
  • Can be carded and blended with other natural fibres
  • Can be easily dyed any colour without losing its sheen

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